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The USTPO’s public dataset on US/International patents applications and grants has been approached in similar ways, and has yet to be fully utilized. This neglect is linked to the data’s poorly tailored structure for keyword search algorithms. The most notable example is Google Patents, where the hardships are evident in the attempt to implement keyword frequency analysis to streamline patent exploration. This niche space requires a disruptive concept that could cause a paradigm shift in the execution and visualization of search in conceptually linked data groups.

By building a visualization and search engine centered on non-keyword based algorithms (our secret sauce – patent pending), we allow users to overcome the problems faced by competitor approaches and enhance their search experience. Our goal is to simplify the problem to where it may be crowdsourced!

The Team

We are creative, motivated and skillful.

Daniel Morozoff

Dan is currently doing his Ph.D in Bioinformatics at Columbia University.
Dan worked for NASA where he researched plasma vorticity using Cassini.
He is currently also working on a computer vision project in collaboration with Stanford. His skills include Java, JS, Web development, noSQL and various visualization technologies.

David Minkovski

David studies Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim where he researches artificial intelligence for web analysis.
His skills include Java, PHP, JS, Web development, noSQL and AI.

The Tech

To revolutionize patent analytics you need revolutionary tech.

We started Patentula with the specific goal of bringing patent analytics out of the technological stone age.
We believe we found an optimal combination with HTML5/JS visualization libraries, a blazing fast noSQL database system and an MVC framework called Play!
Compatibility and future scalability led us to choose Java and AWS as foundations to design and build our system on.

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